Site FAQs

We have two different membership levels. One is for health professionals and one is for the general public.  Please click sign up in the top right corner if you are using a computer or click register if you are using a mobile device and choose the membership level that fits you!

You will need to sign up for an account and create a profile. You will receive a 3 month free trial to navigate the site and you can cancel at anytime with no obligations.

See below for a tutorial on where groups are located and an overview of our Lifestyle Medicine Grand Rounds group only available to health professionals! Other groups are open to the public.

OPBDE is not supported by advertising. It is supported by small user fees and generous donors. We want people to feel happy, uplifted, and supported when interacting with our platform. If you need a break and would like to browse interesting material, chat with someone, or read something uplifting, this platform is for you! Our goal is to enlist your support in supporting each other to promote human and planetary health. 

Your profile will be a place to introduce yourself to other members. Certain information can be made private. We want this to be a space for you to connect with other like-minded individuals. Please tell us about yourself!

Various topics concerning human health, nature, planetary health, and environment are available for members to join. 

This is a general area for all members to post anything they want to share related to planetary and human health!

If you want to determine what notification emails you receive, please navigate to your avatar in the top right corner, hover over Account and then click Notification Settings.

Inside of each group you will see “Feed”, and “Discussions”. The feed is used for general posts to the entire group regarding the topic of the group, like a Facebook group. A discussion post is an area to organize topics where other members of the group can comment on such as posting a specific recipe.